THE WORD blog is a conflation of two words: Web and log. It contains in its four letters a concise self-description: it is a log of thoughts and writing posted publicly on the World Wide Web. Shortened up to accommodate internet vernacular, Web log evolved into the word blog. Considered a spontaneous expression of instant thought, blogs allow writers to share insightful viewpoints quickly and succinctly. Our Law Enforcement blog, written by retired law enforcement professional Martin Schwartz and the Sunflower Systems’ Law Enforcement solutions team, shares timely viewpoints on the law enforcement and property management industry.  

Martin Schwartz, Law Enforcement Advisor for Sunflower Systems, has spent over 40 years in federal, state and local law enforcement. A military veteran, Martin has served in numerous law enforcement units including patrol, traffic, organized crime, domestic violence, fraud, environmental crimes, and training during his service. Most recently, Martin served as a Special agent within the U.S.  Federal Government, responsible for the Agency’s National use-of-force program where he managed law enforcement equipment assets including firearms, ammunition, and body armor and was also responsible for agent use-of-force training. Martin is also a certified Force Science analyst.

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